Charlamagne Donates $250K To HBCU For SC Female Students

On Saturday Charlamage Tha God made us prouder than ever as he pulled up to South Carolina State University with a huge check in hand and I'm not taking just the size of it!

Charlamagne donated $250,000 to his mom's alma matter 🙏🏾 all funds will be allocated towards providing scholarships to black women in his hometown of South Carolina who wish to major in English as his mother did, Communications since he's the "Radio/TV Guy" or for "any sister who wants to be a Mental Health professional."


My mother is an alumni of @scstate1896 class of 75. Today was South Carolina States homecoming and I had the honor of announcing “The Ford Family Endowed Scholarship Fund” Ford is my mother’s maiden name and my grandmothers last name. We will be providing scholarships to black women in South Carolina who Major in English, (my mother’s major) Communications, (because I’m a Radio/TV Guy), and for any sister that wants to be a mental health professional. Always remember investing in an HBCU is investing in the future of our people so the next time an HBCU ask for money, open that wallet. It’s a blessing to be a blessing! All Praises Due To God!!! P.S. Speaking of GOD my creator told me to announce that I’m tapped out until February so to all friends and family don’t even consider calling me this holiday season for nothing. Have a blessed day. #wefightdifferent

Amazing work Charla, keep it up!

Photo: CTG

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