Playboi Carti's Newest LP Might Be Dropping Tomorrow

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Playboi Carti's album may be dropping sooner than later.

In August at a show in Milwaukee, Carti told the crowd that his LP could be dropping in the next two months. His exact words at the performance were, "I'm trying to drop that sh** in the next 60 days. I aint gon' lie. It feels like we worked too hard for this moment. So, I'ma drop this sh** with no features." Sir Cartier dropped his debut LP, "Die Lit" on May 11, 2018 and it's looking like he's going to be blessing his fans with his soon to be LP Whole Lotta Red very, very soon.

Rumors have been surfacing that his LP may be dropping as soon as this Friday. The Atlanta artist brought to Instagram a photo of himself dressed in red pants with the caption, "him <3 red incoming." on October 15th (2 days ago). Rumors have been surfacing that the creative's album may possibly be dropping this Friday October 18th. Carti's latest post eggs on the rumors after posting a photo with the caption "<48 hours! locked in".

Whole Lotta Red apparently has been finished since August. In an interview with Men's Health, Playboi's girlfriend Iggy Azalea teased fans by saying,

"I'm never gonna tell you when Whole Lotta Red is dropping, you guys. Nice try. I can tell you Whole Lotta Red is amazing and it's next level and it's way better than anything any of the other people I heard doing, for real."

With all this evidence, we can only hope that Carti drops "WLR" tomorrow..

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