Top Afrobeat Artists You Should Be Bumping To

Here at Power 105.1 we are extra "Afrobeat" friendly to say the least, so I decided to highlight some of my favorite Afrobeat artists whose music our station and the rest of the world is out here bumping to.

If for some reason who are not in tune with what exactly Afrobeat music is, the genre is a combination of "West African musical style with American funk and jazz influences, with a focus on chanted vocals, complex intersecting rhythms, and percussion."

Trust me, it's straight fire 🔥🔥🔥 now let's get into some of the artists out here killing the game and making some major power moves!

Davido born in Atlanta, GA and raised in Lagos says his chief priority is to communicate the richness of the African continent to the world.

He he first experimented with making hip-hop music, influenced by his summers spent in Atlanta, and during a trip back home to Lagos for Christmas his geared his music in a different direction. He says that during this trip back home he found purpose in exporting music reflective of his Nigerian roots to the globe. It's also important to note that Davido builds music schools across Africa.

On June 24th, 2019, Davido, 26, won Best International Act at the 2018 BET Awards and is set to co-headline at this year's Powerhouse NYC.

Twiga Savage was born in Lagos, Nigeria and relocated to London at 11 to pursue her secondary education. Five years later, she began her music career doing backup vocals for artists such as George Michael and Mary J. Blige. After participating in the UK edition of The X Factor and graduating from Berklee College of Music, Savage signed a publishing deal with Sony/ATV.

Inspired by the growth of the Nigerian music industry, Savage moved back to Lagos and signed with Mavin Records in 2012.

Twiga was featured on the Beyonce produced a curated soundtrack titled TheLion King: The Gift.

Afro B's parents are from the Ivory Coast and he was raised in London. For the past 10 years, as a DJ and artists he has been pushing this Afrobeats genre and African music and the culture. He says that growing up he always listened to African music and used to play keys in church.

So, yeah he has the typical story when it comes to his decision of transitioning from DJ to artists he says. "African music has always been in the blood. I've always been proud about being African and just promoting where I'm from" he says.

Afro B's new album 'Afrowave 3' is out now.

Burna Boy born in Port Hartcourt, Nigeria is one of the biggest stars to emerge from this steady Afrobeat momentum. Burna Boy is a master at not only blending sounds of West Africa, but also incorporating elements of dancehall and hip-hop to create afro-fusion, a sub-genre that he's the face of.

He is currently romantically linked to UK artist, Stefflon Don.

Burna Boy, 28, won Best International Act during the Post Show at the 2019 BET Awards.

Aya Nakamura born in Bamako, Mali launched into music by posting music online and gained a following with her singles "Karma" and "J'ai mal". Her song "Brisé", composed by Christopher Ghenda, garnered 13 million views on YouTube, and a duo with rapper Fababy "Love d'un voyou" resulted in her charting in France.

Aya, 24, was nominated for Best International Act at the 2019 BET Awards.

Wizkid born in Surulere, Lagos is one of the initial artists to be recognized in America in terms of this modern wave of afro-fusion or 'afrobeats.' About which he says: "I am just playing my part. I think it's been amazing to see Nigerian, African culture traveling, pushed by all of us in our small way."

Wizkid, 29, has earned several achievements thanks to his contribution to the Nigerian Music Industry and he received an ASCAP plaque for his songwriting contributions to Drake's "One Dance".

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