A Marijuana Breathalyzer Test Might Be Hitting The Streets Next Year


A breathalyzer device that can determine whether people are high could hit the streets as early as next year.

After years of research, Hound Labs has created a marijuana breathalyzer test that can determine if someone is stoned up to three hours after smoking. The test will sell at a retail price for approximately $5,000 per unit, according to Essence.

This new device was created in collaboration with the University of California at San Francisco and Berkley and received funding by Intrinsic Capital Partners, a growth equity fund based in Philadelphia.

The device, named 'The Hound,' will double as a alcohol and marijuana breathalyzer.

Only time will tell how quickly these new breathalyzers hit the streets in every state. As of now, marijuana has been legalized for recreational use in 11 states, including the District of Columbia; while a total of 33 states and D.C. have approved the use of medical marijuana.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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