Running Essentials for Weight Loss

Maybe you’re an avid runner looking to shed a few pounds or you’re a non-runner who is interested in running to shed some pounds, either way running to slim down can be complicated.

Running forces the body to use a lot of energy, and how we eat impacts the energy expenditure of the body. Losing weight should be treated similar to running a marathon. Losing pounds slow and steady wins the race long term when it comes to weight loss.

Here are a few tips to get you started on the right track...


The more specific of a plan you have, the better the result will be because you'll have a measured outcome to work against. Setting a goal beyond just weight is good too, like percentage of body fat loss. A tape measure "outweighs" the scale sometimes and provides for accurate results as to how the body is responding to exercise and diet.


If you’re a new runner you want to transition into a new form of exercise. Gradually build your workout levels to prevent injury.

  • Start with walk/runs
  • Run Every Other Day for Recovery time
  • Increase Running Distance Little By Little


You cannot out train a poor diet no matter how much you run...the goal is to eat less calories so that you burn more. Running may even cause hunger to increase, it’s all about eating more quality foods and moderation.

High quality foods with macronutrients, micronutrients, and fiber fill you up with fewer calories unlike processed food.

Remember…SLOW AND STEADY wins the weight loss race. The slower you shed pounds the more likely you are to keep them off!