Jim Jones Shares Experience With Gang Culture, Selling Weed Legally Now

Jim Jones fresh off that Rolling Loud NYC stage stopped by The Angie Martinez show to talk about his new album "El Capo", his experiences with Gang culture and selling weed legally now!

We've all heard the stories in the news about Jim's name being used in court, while not having much to say about it for obvious reasons he did say this,

“Damn Ang, for the most part, you never know you in a circus till you looking at the clown, when the clown gives out information everyone laughs, people don’t read the facts they read the gram, far as my feelings no it doesn’t feel right, took me somewhere else at the moment and I had to calm myself down, it was a crazy week”

El Capo then went on to share his experiences with gang culture and how at point he used it for his financial advantage and furthering his career..

“I grew up and had nothing, you kno we searching for brotherhood, its what you do in that brotherhood it what twists things up as you go along, I've used certain things for my financial advantage, it was lucrative, repping things putting things out there, but for me I used it to my advantage at a young age not thinking about what will happen in the future”

He also shared some untold stories (see what we did there) about Big Pun & Big Meech.

Check out the full Interview below...

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