Gucci Mane and Megan Thee Stallion's Song "Big Booty" Music Video Dropped

A music video for Gucci Mane and Megan Thee Stallion's new song "Big Booty" has finally dropped today. The new track will be apart of the Atlanta's rappers forthcoming project, Woptober II.

As expected by the title, the video is concentrated on a woman's rear, having a room filled up with dancers twerking in red latex on raised platforms while Gucci Mane stands centered in the middle. Meg Thee Stallion comes into the video, resting on top of a horse and wearing a cowboy hat in the midst of clouds. She can be heard rapping,

Put me on your plate and slurp that shit up like spaghetti / Man I make this shit look easy, I ain’t tryin’ I just be me / This the type of ass when I get home he washing dishes / He wanna ride on a horse, he needa give me the keys to a Porsche.

This recent single comes only a few weeks after Guwop released "Richer Than Errybody" with NBA YoungBoy and DaBaby. These two singles are expected to be apart of Gucci Mane's upcoming album, which is scheduled for an October 17th release.

Go out and watch the video below:

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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