IG Model Says She Makes $1.5 Mil A Year Solely Posting Thirst Traps

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Who says IG don't pay?! Romanian social media influencer Andrea Vasile is raking in the big bucks on social media claiming she makes 1.5 Million a year just by posting pictures of her butt.

The 35 year old began her career in social media marketing before getting a bunch of various surgiers. With more than 3 Million people following her she is making a killing and has now shame in her game,

"I am known for my honesty and not cutting corners, I am blunt about my plastic surgeries"

The influencer also runs a marketing agency for the past 5 years where she helps up and coming influencers learn the ins and outs of making a whole lot of money off the various social platforms accessible to them..

If you would like to follow her click HERE for her IG

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