Brooklyn Rapper Who Got "Suck My D--k" Tattooed Appears On Dr. Phil

Brooklyn MC Telly Zelly is making headlines again after appearing on DR. Phil last week and confronting her family after getting a tattoo that says "Suck my d--k" above her eyebrow. Since going viral a few months ago the Brooklyn MC has continued to defending her decision to get the tattoo, in the past she has said:

"To be honest, theres a lot of reasons, I just felt like i committed to that decision, people was turning on me, everybody just so f---ing upset they not dealing with the same person they was f---ing comfortable with but i think at the end of the day when you i think you growing into new s--t that you never done before its gonna be awkward, at the end of the day its rooted in the message of not caring about what the world thinks about you"

Stopping by The Dr. Phil show last week Telly confronted her Mother and Aunt about their dissatisfaction with the fact she decided to pursue a music career and get the tattoo instead of going to college.

Check out Telly Zelly on DR. Phil and all the times she's been up at the station below..

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