Cardi B Is Deleting All Social Media

Music Midtown 2019 - Day 1

Cardi B is big mad and not having it any more! The rapper announced that she's going to be deleting her social media accounts after her birthday next week.


You see I been workin my ass off doing my sh*t .I go out I do press run people took my kindness for weakness I felt violated I said how I felt now I am THE INDUSTRY WICKED WITCH AGAIN . This is why I don’t be talking or socializing cause it always end up bad for Cardi !
After my bday ..I’m deleting my social media accounts for a while cause a b*tch just OVER IT .

Cardi has been going off on social media after an interview she did was chopped up to make it appear as if she works so much that Kulture is out here calling other people mommy.

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