Betty Who transitions from major label artist to Independent

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Former RCA/SONY UK artist, Betty Who has spoken out about her experience being signed to a major label. Looking back at her decision to sign a contract with RCA/SONY at 20 years old, she believes she rushed too quickly into signing her record contract. At first, she imagined herself spending three or four years putting out her own music independently, under her own terms and conditions. The UK artist claims she wasn’t ready for somebody else to come in and start making decisions on her behalf about who she was and what she was going to represent.

However, after believing in herself and knowing what she had to offer the world, she did what MOST artists in the music industry do which is sign a record deal. She reminisces on how “exciting” the decision making was and how it felt like she was starting a new chapter in her life. She believes her major label experience was the introduction to who she is, claiming it’s only “Volume One”, and her next upcoming independent career is “Volume Two”. It’s going to be extremely interesting seeing her transition from being a major label into the independent world. She now distributes her music through AWAL, joining their global artist roster, who continue to shape culture and build their own empires… on their own terms.

Photo Credit: GettyImages

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