Bernie Sanders Hospitalized After Heart Surgery

Bernie Sanders Tours Colleges In New Hampshire

Sen. Bernie Sanders has had heart surgery following experiencing chest pains after a Las Vegas campaign event Tuesday evening. Sanders’ senior advisor reported that “ following medical evaluation and testing he was found to have a blockage in one artery and two stents were successfully inserted.” Until further notice Sanders will be canceling all events and appearances, including a gun forum policy that was supposed to take place today.

This is actually Sander’s second run for president. In 2016 he fell short of the Democratic party’s nomination against Hillary Clinton. This year he is one of the top democratic candies but, he’s currently trailing behind Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden. Critics are often concerned about Sanders age. He’s the oldest candidate at 78, Donald Trump is 73, Biden is 76 and Warren is 70. Hopefully he will recover enough to participate at the next Democratic Primary debate on October 15th.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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