Jidenna Hits Pause On Search For Wifey

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Back in August Jidenna took to Twitter announce that he believed in marriage and love + was "looking for a wifey." But now it appears that he's had a change or heart, or better yet life direction and has put the search for his queen on hold.

During an appearance with with with Essence, he told the Yes Girl! podcast hosts he says that he has to fully focus on his new album and might date once again when he's in between working on albums.


“I like connection, but the time’s not there. I don’t want to say I don’t have it, but I’m not going to make the time right now. Not in the middle of85 To Africa. Maybe in between albums. The tough part is artists have to be in stock more than ever now and you have to push out content. Creatives do, period. You have to crank out so much content and you’re so available because of the phone. All those things make it really hard for anybody to date. And you’re so swipeable now that you might like, ‘eh, I just didn’t like the little bump behind her earlobe.’…it’s ridiculous now.”

We're sure he won't be spending too many cold nights alone 😉

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