Angie Martinez Sits Down With The New Post, Shares Mary J & Nipsey Stories

Angie recently sat down with Tashara Jones from the New York post to talk about her new show "Untold Stories Of Hip-Hop" which premieres tomorrow on WETV.

Talking with Tashara about Nipsey Hussle and his energy she had this to say:

"He was so West coast, but he had that thing, that same New York it is what it is I'm not pressed, he had that and he's not West Coast from it, I don't necessarily think you have to be from New York to had that".

When asked about the time where she called Mary J. Blige to ask for help when she was getting evicted from her apartment, she had this to say.

"We done seen each other down a couple of times once you see that go down a couple of times there's an understanding, I told her what happened and she was like what do you need, she told me to come meet her and I went, then we went to the check cashing place"

Check out the full Interview below and catch “Untold Stories of Hip-Hop” at 10PM EST tomorrow!

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