Watch 6ix9ine Lie To Angie Martinez About His Kidnapping

Just days after his kidnapping in July 2018 6ix9ine came through The Angie Martinez Show and he gave her a play by play (34 mark) of the moment he was snatched up out of his car by Shaw and Harv and taken to his home where his girl handed over $365,000 worth of jewelry.

During his interview with Angie he says that he was pistoled whipped by his kidnappers and then found himself in the back of their car. "I just went black...I saw muzzle flash and I'm gone" he tells Angie.

Now footage of the kidnapping has come out and turns out 6ix9ine lied about being pistol whipped. According to TMZ, during Tekashi's testimony Thursday morning, he claimed he initially lied about portions of the kidnapping - specifically that he got pistol-whipped and knocked unconscious right away because he was humiliated.

He's cooperating with the feds as part of to get a reduced sentence in his own case. Tekashi had been facing a minimum of 47 years in prison.

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