Video Of 6ix9ine Kidnapping Released

The good folks at TMZ have just released dash-cam video of the night that 6ix9ine was kidnapped and allegedly pistol wiped.

In the dark footage you can see the moment the car 6ix9ine is traveling in appears to have been hit by another car. When the rapper's driver, Jorge, gets out to speak to the driver of the other vehicle, we see what appears to be Harv and Sha run down down on Tekashi. An exchange of words takes place before 6ix is kidnapped. Harv and Sha are the two men Danny is testifying against in court this week.

During Tekashi's testimony Thursday morning, he claimed he initially lied about portions of the kidnapping -- specifically that he got pistol-whipped and knocked unconscious right away -- because he was humiliated. As the dash cam video shows ... that didn't happen. He claims he was pistol-whipped later on, though.

Click here to watch the full video.

Photo: Getty

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