Elijah The Boy Shares How He Uses Social Media To Connect With His Fans

This week on the show we had the extremely talented Elijah The Boy stop by. Elijah has not only amassed a huge following music wise, but his social media game is crazy! The artist uses his platform to connect with fans in a way in which most others don't utilize the platform eve going as far to feature his fans in the video for his brand new single "Summers Over"!

Speaking about basically becoming friends with his fans Elijah had this to say:

"thats why it was always important with me in the beginning when i started getting followers, was to link with my fans, give them free events, give them music constantly, go lives, become their friend"

The artist also recently dropped his new single "Summers Over", just in time for fall and during the interview he shared that the record is about a girl who let her Summer go bye because she let her feelings for a guy distract her.

Check out the full Interview below...

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Listen to Elijah's new song "Summers Over" here

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