Larenz Tate Reveals 50 Cent Directed His 'Power' Sex Scene

With the 6th and final season of Power underway we had one of the stars of the show Larenz Tate stop by the Angie Martinez show to talk about the final season as well as share his experience of filming a 50 Cent directed sex scene.

Just last week 50 Cent made his directorial debut on Power in what was an extremely memorable episode that starred Tate in an EXTREMELY lusty sex scene. Speaking about the shot he said that they made it an extremely comfortable environment and was excited to shoot the scene, and then he found out that 50 was directing the episode. Nonetheless he said 50 had a vision for the scene and they executed it brilliantly and wasn't awkward at all!

He also spoke about the possibility of a "Love Jones 2" happening! While he and Nia Long have talked about the possibility of a sequel to the hit film he said it would need to be done right and have the right script for both of the actors to be full on board.

Check out the full Interview below...

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