Swizz Beatz Reveals That He Just Bought Tony Starks Mansion

The legend Swizz Beatz stopped by The Angie Martinez show today promoting "Godfather of Harlem" which he is working on the music for the show, but he also revealed something very interesting he has been developing as well as revealing that he copped Tony Starks mansion from the Iron Man movies!

We all know Swizz loves buying and selling art, as it has become one of his passions he's always wanted to make it easier for regular people to do the same. While he probably wasn't supposed to tell us, he did anyway that he has a new app in development called "Smart Collection" in which the app will allow people to buy/sell art and the artists get to keep %100 of the profits!

It also was recently announced that Swizz and Alicia Keys together bought the mansion that inspired Tony Starks house in the Iron Man movies! The house which was reportedly bought by the couple for 20.8 MILLION, has been a dream home for Swizzy. Saying that it was his background on his phone for years and now its his. Now thats a MANIFESTATION!

Check out the interview below...

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