Kehlani's Baby Daddy Denies Being Sperm Donor Or "Gay Best Friend"

After Kehlani went public with YG, many starting questioning if YG is the father of her daughter. Folks immediately starting chiming in with explanations about who is in fact the father of her baby.

Soooooooo he's making it his business to set the record straight and shut down the rumor that he was her "gay best friend" who she just used as sperm donor.

"i’ve never been a sperm donor nor do i identify as gay nor have i ever been *the gay best friend* lol. i am a father to my beautiful daughter and I like what I like. if you gon be aimless & nosey least have yo facts straight. put y’all weak ass snooping ability into looking through the #BlackTransCrowdfund #TransCrowdFund and make y’all selves useful allat that shi* is just noise. ain’t no clarifications i’m setting my boundaries whether mfs respect it or not my intentions are clear my life is beautiful this sh*t don’t move my spirit i just owe it to myself to speak up when i should.

Are we all clear on this now?

Photo: Getty

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