Animal Rights Activists Attack J.Lo For Wearing Fur

Jennifer Lopez recently found herself in the middle of an animalistic altercation.

The superstar was confronted on Saturday night while attending the Toronto International Film Festival for allegedly hating animals. J.Lo was there promoting her latest film "Hustlers," and according to TMZ,"members of Vegan anti-fur protestors members of Vegan anti-fur protesters went on the attack."

While on the red carpet, J.Lo tried to ignore the protesters as she continued to work the red carpet. "Organizations have been aggressive for years over the torture animals endure when they are often skinned alive and suffer a horrible death in order to manufacturer fur" TMZ reports.

It's common knowledge that your girl J.Lo is a fan of fur and to make matters worse, the Dinero singer sports a fur front in center during the film's trailer....It has yet to be determined if the fur was real or faux.

Photo: Getty


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