Angry Customer Pulls Out Gun At Popeyes After They Sold Out of Sandwiches

Burger King Parent Restaurants International Acquires Popeyes For $1.8 Billion

How many times we gotta tell yall that it is NOT THAT SERIOUS!

Yesterday Monday September 2nd, a Houston Popeyes customer got so mad over the fact that their now inphamous chicken sandwich has sold out that he pulled out his gun at the restaurant and began to threaten the employees.

It all started when a group of five adults and a child came through the drive through when they were informed of the sandwich being sold out, it was then that the group tried to break into the store, leaving the baby in the car. As the staff was able to keep everyone out it was then that a gun was drawn and the threats started coming from one of the males in the group.

Luckily no one was hurt and the man now faces aggravated assault charges.

Please just wait patiently, the sandwiches are coming back to stores in due time.

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