Irv Gotti Backs Jay-Z NFL Deal & Ja Rule Says There's More To Fyre Fest

With premiere of "Growing Up Hip-Hop New York" only a little over a week away we had two of the stars and Hip-Hop legends on the show Irv Gotti & Ja Rule pull up to The Angie Martinez show!

With "Growing Up Hip-Hop: New York" becoming the latest extension of the "Growing Up Hip-Hop" tv franchise, the show is set to premiere on August 29th on WETV. Angie who's show "Untold Stories of Hip-Hop" is set to premiere one month later and the shows will be sharing the same weekly nights on television! Talking about the shows Gotti & Ja praise Angie on being one of the gatekeepers of Hip-Hop. Angie then expresses her love for their new show especially now that their children are getting their moment in the spotlight.

With Ja Rule having his fair share of ups & downs the past couple of years he assures Angie that he is 100% planning on doing a new festival. The rapper even alluded to the fact that there is more of the Fyre story to tell but he won't tell it because he's "not a snitch". Adding on that for the festival they had hired the same people who put on Jay-Z's "Made In America" festival, and while Ja thought everything was cool and going well once he got off tour he found out that Billy Mcfarland (the creator of Fyre) had fired them and then the problems continued from there. He did admit to not watching the various documentaries on the fest as he says that they probably arn't 100% accurate “I cant watch the docs because they paint a picture of it a certain way, so u know they prob put things in there and made it a certain way, that it wasn’t”.

With there being a lot of press surrounding Irv Gotti's comments on Jay-Z's NFL deal, he wanted to clear the air on how he really feels live on the show. Speaking on the matter Irv had this to say:

"I'm giving my comment, my honest to god feeling now, man Jay-z, who better to have in the room, in the NFL, with people like that, I choose Jay every time to represent me, the culture the whole thing," adding on that “we are all jumping to conclusions and we don’t know what they’re doing”

Check out Irv Gotti & Ja Rule's full Interview on the Angie Martinez show below...

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