Jeezy's Confident That Jay-Z's NFL Deal With Serve A Purpose

Jeezy is gearing up to release his new project "The Legend of the Snowman: Thug Motivation 104" this Friday which is rumored to be his final album. Stopping by the Angie Martinez show he shared some of the stories that inspired the album as well as giving his take on Jay-Z's recent deal with the NFL!

The latest in the Thug motivation series of albums from the Atlanta rapper is the culmination of everything that he has gone through in his career, sharing that he is sill hungry as he has ever been since he came off the porch, but at the same time is so far removed from his past that he wanted to take it back to where it all started. Through his trials and tribulations Jeezy shared that he had to learn to take care of yourself before everyone else revealing that at one point he had 70-100 people staying at his house all at once.

While the rapper has had his run in with the law in the past he has since been taking care of himself, but shared the one time where he accidentally got caught up being arrested in L.A. for possession of a gun that wasn't even is. While he didn't have to stay down with his team, he didn't abandon them and spent the time overnight in jail with them at the time of the event. The case however has since been tossed out.

The hottest topic on the streets right now is Jay-Z's deal with the NFL, having a lot of people praising and criticizing him for the deal. However Jeezy who has known Jay for years shares that he is confident in the Brooklyn MC's ability to bring change saying, "I know jay enough to know, hes got something in store, that’s at-least going to make it fare, its better to have somebody in the position to have a foot in”.

Check out Jeezy's full Interview on the Angie Martinez show below...

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