Marlon Wayans Confirms “White Chicks 2” Not Happening

We had Marlon Wayans on The Angie Martinez show today talking all about his brand new movie 'Sextuplets' where he plays every character as well as laying down to rest the rumors about a sequel to "White Chicks".

Marlon who has had found a lot of success on Netflix with his various projects finding a home on the streaming service. The latest of his line of movies stars him playing just about every character and just dropped on Netflix. In the film his character on a mission to find his long lost siblings, it just so happens that all of those siblings male and female are played by him. Sharing stories from the filming of the movie he said he would shoot for almost 15-18 hours a day and spend a ton of time in the makeup chair when he had to get dressed up as someone else, “I would go into work at 3am, 7 hours of make if it was the girl, Id work 15-18 hours, and then take an hour and a half to take off the makeup”.

There have also been a ton of rumors that "White Chicks 2" is going to happen with Terry Crews admitting that he's onboard. Now while Marlon would be down, he did admit that there are no plans for the movie and that "Terry Crews is to buff for me to tell him that it aint happening". However he did add that now is the perfect time to do it!

Check out the full Interview below...

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