Algee Shares Euphoria S2 Details + Reveals The Fate Of Zendaya’s Character

Algee Smith aka Chris McKay on Euphoria, aka Ralph Tresvant from "The New Edition Story" stopped by The Angie Martinez show today to talk about all the rolls that he has played and even gave a little insight as to that confusing ending of the first season of HBO's Euphoria.

Smith whos breakout role came from BET's hit TV Special "The New Edition" story is actually kind of a crazy story in itself. The young actor shared details of what he had to go through to get the role in the filming revealing that he went through an entire day off auditions which included singing, dancing and even a personal one on one meeting with Ralph Tresvant himself! What he loved most about being a part of the iconic story of the boy band was that the series helped bring their music to a new generation of listeners saying, “I think we did a crazy amazing thing, it hit so many different generations”.

As for Euphoria the one burning question on everyones mind is "Is Zendaya's character dead?". Now while there are a ton of fan theories floating around online, Smith shared that the writers of the show actually cleared it up for them not to long ago, “I don’t know anything, but there are a lot of fan theories and our writer did clear it up the other day that rue isn’t dead”. He also added that there is much more to his characters story that were definitely going to see in season 2 of the show!

Check out his full Interview on The Angie Martinez show below..

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