Aida Rodriguez' New Netflix Special Is EP'd By Tiffany Haddish

Aida Rodriguez' new Netflix Special dropped yesterday and today she pulled up to The Angie Martinez Show to talk about the Tiffany Haddish EP'd special!

Rodriguez' standup which is part of the series "Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready", the series which was created to help give other female comedians some time in the spotlight on Netflix giving them all their own specials! Speaking on the standup Aida reveled that Tiffany Haddish not only did it to help pay it forward putting other females on, but the comedian ALSO took a pay cut! When it comes to Woman in comedy Aida also spoke about how Tiffany is held to a higher standard that others in the came, "They hold tiffany to a higher standard because she is a woman of color, she is not allowed to make the mistakes that other are allowed to make”.

The comedian also revealed that she is working on a television show based on her life and one of her main goals for the show is to have a all Puerto Rican cast, o “my grandmother is a character in there, I need Puerto Ricans that are really going to show out, I’m really excited about it”.

Check out the full Interview below...

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