Troubled Ex J. Lo Dancer Reunited With Son - Refuses To Enter 6 Rehabs

We have a follow up to the story of Suzy Perez who was once a beautiful dancer and model that even appeared in a Jennifer Lopez video, but now lives on the streets of uptown Manhattan where she eats from trash cans while battling a drug addiction.

The folks over at Univision arranged for her to be reunited with her only son who lives in Norther Carolina and then brought her to six different rehab facilities but she refused to stay at any of them. She eventually just asked to be bought back to the streets where she's been living for years now.

Suzy says that while she wants to stop using drugs, her body is now "adapted" to the substance and it can't just be yanked away. For now, she will continue to live on the streets and subways of uptown Manhattan were people in the neighborhood give her food and money.

Super sad story 😕 if your speak Spanish above is the segment did Univision.

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