Apple Reportedly Offering $1M to Anyone Who Can Hack an iPhone

Apple Stock Falls Sharply

Apple is ready to hand over a hefty amount to anyone who can hack an iPhone.

The company recently launched a newly-expanded bug bounty program, the company's head security Ivan Krstic announced at conference in Las Vegas on Thursday (Aug.8).

According to Daily News,"The full $1 million will go to a hacker who can gain full control of an iPhone without the phone’s owner interacting with it."

.“This is an unprecedented fully Apple supported iOS security research platform,” Krstić said. The tech engineer also mentioned bug bounty programs have become increasingly popular via tech companies because they offer "hackers financial incentives for reporting security flaws missed by the companies instead of exploiting them."

Krstic also reported Apple has been successful in their bug bounty program since 2016, and the program has reported 50 serious bugs since it's launch.

Hacker's this is your time to be legal.

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