ICE Arrests 600 Undocumented Immigrants - Their Kids Have No Parents Now

#CloseTheCamps: MoveOn, United We Dream, American Friends Service Committee, And Families Belong Together Lead Protests Across Country

Imagine being a kid and your parent never shows up to get you from school? That's kind of scary for a child. Then you learned your mom or dad have been arrested and you may never see them again. The level of TRAUMA the children are going through is heartbreaking

Hundred of kids found themselves stranded at school and with no parents to go home to after ICE conducted raids at a Mississippi chicken and poultry plant where they worked.

In total 600 undocumented immigrants where arrested in what is being called the largest mass ICE raid in American history. So many lives ruined and children left to fall victim to a system that has been failing our children since as far as one can remember.

The sad and heartbreaking videos of the children crying at school, were shared by activist Shaun King. Check them out below.

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