Chipotle Under Fire For Bowls Containing Cancer-Causing Chemicals

Chipotle restaurant in Teterboro, New Jersey

Chipotle is under fire once again, but this time the problem is the bowl.

According to a new study, the bowl used at Chipotle are linked to a cancer causing chemicals.

The tests revealed the containers high levels of fluorine, which indicates per- and polyfluoroalkyl chemicals (PFAs) 

Though compostable bowls are often advertised as environmentally friendly, they may be treated with toxic compounds known as “forever chemicals,” according to a New Food Economy Study, which tested 14 locations of eight New York City restaurants.

“They are likely making compost more toxic, adding to the chemical load of the very soil and water they were supposed to help improve,” researcher Joe Fassler wrote. “And rather than degrade quickly, they contain potentially hazardous ingredients that never break down. Not in five years, and not in 500.”

Chipotle said in a statement Wednesday that the chain strives to meet regulatory requirements.

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