Cardi B Responds To Doja Cat's Song Impersonation: "Do Anything For Clout"

During a recent live stream on instagram, Doja Cat, a fairly new artist who broke out with her song "Mooo!", was listening to Cardi B's single "Press". While listening she decided to sing along and her impersonation wasn't exactly the best. The live stream was picked up and reposted by DJ Akademiks on instagram.

It can't be said if Doja Cat was intentionally showing her Cardi B impression or just goofing around. However, what can be said is that Cardi B did not like this video at all.

"Don't look like #DojaCat gon b on the #CardiB Press Remix" - Akademiks

In a post and delete comment under Akademiks post, Cardi said: "Do anything for clout ...Moo," in response to Doja.

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