Meek Mill’s Retrial Has Been Delayed Until Late August 

The court made a decision just today that the potential retrial for Meek Mill’s case has been moved to later this month. Meek Mill was in attendance at the Criminal Justice Center in Center City this morning for a hearing on where the case stands. 

Attorney Joe Tacopina said Meek and his team hoped there would’ve been a decision made, but are staying optimistic for the outcome on August 27th, the new scheduled date. 

Meek was convicted with drug and weapon charges in 2008, but they were tossed by Pennsylvania Superior Court last month because the cop who testified against Meek had questionable credibility given his track record. Judge Genece Brinkley has been accused of bias and a personal agenda by Meeks defense. 

We are all hoping for good news soon! #FreeMeek

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