Former J. Lo Dancer Now Homeless And Addicted To Drugs

Suzy Perez was once a beautiful dancer and model that even appeared in a Jennifer Lopez video, but these days she lives on the streets of uptown Manhattan where she eats from trash cans while battling a drug addiction.

The woman who is Dominican and Puerto Rican says her life changed for the worse after she was beaten by five men, raped and left for dead. That tragic and quite shattering life event was then followed by the passing of her mother.

The mother of one says that while she wants to stop using drugs, her body is now "adapted" to the substance and it can't just be yanked away. For now, she will continue to live on the streets and subways of uptown Manhattan were people in the neighborhood give her food and money.

Super sad story 😕 if your speak Spanish above is an in depth interview Univision did with her on the streets where she lives.

Click here if you would like to donate toward her rehabilitation.

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