Master P & Romeo Share Business Jules, P Learning How To Use Instagram!

After releasing their brand new movie that THEY funded all on their own "I Got The Hookup 2" we had Master P & Romeo pull up to The Angie Martinez show to talk about the making of the new film, P learning how to use Instagram + more!

Since "I Got The Hookup 2" is solely funded by them and is an independent movie, P & Romeo spoke about the importance of putting our own people in movies especially because African Americans and Latinos make up ONLY 5% of the movie business.

P also shared some business jewel's from when he first started his career. He emphasized that in life you have to play the long game and be patient with your money, speaking on the new generations of rappers he said that their doing just the opposite, “a lot of these kids don’t know whats going on they just want the money and the fame and they don’t think of the business side of things"!

Check out Master P's full Interview on The Angie Martinez show below...

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