Lil Yachty Thinks Trump Isn't Really Even Helping A$AP Rocky

Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival 2017 - Day 2

As A$AP Rocky continues to be held in Sweden going on for a third week, many have spoken out publicly about how unfairly he has been treated since being arrested in the country.

Trump who took to twitter these past couple weeks slamming Swedish officials for not working harder to get Rocky out saying, "Just had a very good call with @SwedishPM Stefan Löfven who assured me that American citizen A$AP Rocky will be treated fairly, likewise, I assured him that A$AP was not a flight risk and offered to personally vouch for his bail, or an alternative."

When TMZ rolled up on Lil Yachty he had some choice words for the president adding that he thinks he is only doing it for clout, "I don't think that's the way to go about it, the way Trump handling it, If you gon' do something, just do it. You don't got to keep telling everybody, just do it. He ain't got to keep tweeting. I don't think he doing shit either, I know for a fact that Donald Trump don't give a, he don't care. He know this is some points. Oh man, I can really win a lot of Black people over. He don't really care dawg."

Check out the full video below..

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