School Will Drug Test Students Who Want To Play Sports, Chess, Flute + More


Starting this fall Bushland Independent School District in Texas, is going the extra mile to make sure they keep a drug-free environment in their schools.

All 7-12 graders who attend their school district and requests a school parking permit or wants to participate in extracurricular activities like band, sports, the student council and even the chess team MUST pass a mandatory drug test

"We've discussed drug testing policy for about a year now, and the board wants to be proactive," Bushland Superintendent Chris Wigington told CNN. "They want our kids to have a drug-free environment; we want our kids to make great decisions."

The 1,400-student district does not have a drug problem say the Superintendent pointing out that this is just a proactive step.

Would you allow a school to drug test your so they can do sports?

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