Puerto Rico’s Governor Agrees To Resign After Weeks of Public Outcry


Governor Rosselló who insisted on Sunday that he would remain in office, has officially resigned effective August 2nd.

He recorded a video statement that was broadcast Wednesday and stated, "I announce that I will be resigning from the governor's post effective Friday, 2 August at 5pm," Mr Rosselló said.

"I feel that to continue in this position would make it difficult for the success that I have achieved to endure," he added.

Protesters had been calling for Mr Rosselló to step down over leaked conversations as well as allegations of government corruption.

Rosselló mocked Hurricane Maria victims which devastated Puerto Rico and led to over 4,000 deaths. He also discussed how to interfere with the work of a federally appointed chief of Puerto Rico’s police department and repeated discussion of plots to destabilize public institutions.

Mr Rosselló will be replaced by the US Caribbean island territory's Justice Secretary, Wanda Vázquez.

Photo: Getty Images

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