Jay-Z & Meek Mill Launch Dream Chaser Record Label Together

Jay-Z and Meek Mill are once again joining forces, but this time it has to do with the creation of Meek's new record label "Dream Chasers". The label which is a joint venture with Roc Nation will see Meek at the helm in charge of just about everything that happens with the new label.

Speaking with CBS's Gale King Meek spoke on teaming up with Hov on his new label, "Coming into the music industry, of course, there's always the people you admire, there's not too many people I admire on a music level and a business level and on like, as a man level. So doing business with Hova is like, like even when we talk I always explain it to him like that that was crazy, it's a regular day for you but this is a part of my dreams being in this situation".

Check out some of their interview on CBS below..