XXL Freshman Class 2019 Concert Was Everything

XXL’S 2019 Freshman Class Concert last night was definitely not something to miss. This years class brought in a very diverse crowd with high energy for the night's talent.

The show started off with YK Osiris and he was followed by Tierra Whack. Tierra Whack was high spirits and showed a lot of her humor on stage. She also continued to make the crowd involved by saying “When I Whack you say Whack” and the crowd would join in during their turn.

Although Tierra was very personable some of her song choices were slow and the crowd was ready to be lit. She performed 'Only Child’ which didn’t seem to be a crowd favorite, but she quickly turned the mood around when performing ‘CLONES.’

The next artist had the crowd going crazy from beat one of his hit song ‘Bands.' Comethazine also gave tribute to A$AP Rocky during his set by playing 'Walk' Remix that starts off with Rocky’s verse and screaming “Free Rocky.” Comethazine definitely set the bar high, but that was no threat to YBN Cordae.

He had the whole crowd excited before he even said anything. What was great about his set was that he brought a different vibe than the rest of the artists, but still left the audience entertained. He performed 'Bad Idea,' showing off his singing skills and sounded great. He ended with 'Kung Fu,' which was definitely appreciated by the fans as it seemed everyone knew the song word for word.

Next was definitely a favorite of the night Rico Nasty. She brought props for the crowd which was balloons with her name on them and at some point, she throws out pillows to the mosh pit to have a pillow fight. Rico was one of the best to work the stage and the crowd. She is a natural performer, to say the least, and at no point did the crowd get tired of her.

Lil Mosey was next and he seemed to have had a rough night. The crowd was extremely hype after Rico, but Mosey didn't seem to put forth a lot of energy in his performance. In the first minute of his performance, he randomly left the stage. When he came back he gave us some dance moves here and there but continued to call out the crowd for being wack. He ended up getting booed because the crowd felt disrespected.

But, they saved some of the best for last. The closing artist was Roddy Rich, Blueface, Da Baby, and Gunna who all have some of the hottest songs that came out this year. Roddy Rich made his set short and sweet just performing some of our favorites like ‘Die Young’ and handed the stage over to Blueface. Who gave us a west coast dancing solo and even mopped the floor, we don't really know why but it was entertaining. He was so enjoying himself on stage so much it transcended to the crowd and by his last song, 'Thotiana' everyone was dancing.

Da Baby and Gunna both were very involved with the audience walking all throughout the mosh pit and making people feel special.

Sadly Megan wasn't in attendance, but overall it was a great night and this Freshman Class definitely has what it takes.

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