Teen Arrested For Spitting In Arizona and Returning It Back To The Shelf

Bottles of drinks for sale in Publix Grocery Store

I guess people haven't learned their lesson when it comes to tampering with food in the grocery store. A Texas teen was recently arrested for spitting into Arizona Green Tea and putting it back on the shelf.

This all took place at the Albertsons Market in Odessa, according to the New York Post the market reviewed the surveillance camera which displayed the boy taking the drink and placing it back on the shelf. The boy has now been charged with tampering with a consumer product which is a second degree felony.

He is currently being held at the Ector County Youth Center and faces a felony charge if convicted for the crime. This also isn't the first teen being convicted for this type of crime, social media in recent months has showed people licking ice cream or tampering with different food and some have even been convicted. We hope teens have learned their lesson with this trend.


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