Bad Bunny & Ricky Martin go to Puerto Rico to use their Voices for Protest

Bad Bunny has decided to pause his European tour date in efforts to be apart of the protest happening in Puerto Rico. Ricky Martin has also stepped in and has flown to be apart of the march on the capital that is happening today.

If you don’t know what’s going on in Puerto Rico, let’s catch you up. Recently, an almost 900-page private group chat between Governor Ricardo Rosselló and several of his associates was leaked to the public causing an uproar because of his vulgar jokes made against female politicians, journalists and a Anti-gay slur directed at pop star Ricky Martin. The messages were released by the Center for Investigative Journalism in Puerto Rico. 


Many have banned together to protest and demand the resignation of Gov. Ricardo. Demonstrators have already organized and began protesting, chanting things such as “Ricky Resign!” and “We will kick you out!”

Violence has played a bit of a role in these protests, police having no problem tear gassing protestors who feel angered and wary of the government and what they do behind closed doors.

Bad Bunny took to instagram yesterday to instagram to express his concerns for his country. In the video the singer states: “This is about respect, to all Puerto Ricans...I live in Puerto Rico, my family lives in Puerto Rico, my friends. What happens in Puerto Rico matters to me."

Ricky Martin also took to his social media to throw in his opinion and his call to action for Puerto Rico to band together. He said: “It is in the privacy where you live with the truth and integrity that defines us, and yours is far from being vertical and admirable.”

As of now Governor Rosselló says he refuses to resign. At a press conference Rosselló states:

"Despite the difficulties that we have internal and external, the work will continue and the agenda will be completed in all areas, social, educational, safety, health, infrastructure, recovery and everything related to the financial situation that is a high priority among others," - Gov. Rosselló

Until something is done, Puerto Rico stands together in hopes of a change.

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