Ice Deportation Raids Begin --Starts Targeting Migrant Families in NYC

President Trump initially declared ICE deportation raids in June, however, held off on the raids for Congress to reach a bipartisan decision. He later announced the raids were underway and began this past weekend. The Trump administration’s plan is to strictly enforce deportation against approximately 2,000 migrants who are not eligible to remain in the United States.

The first reports of ICE came from a mother in Chicago who was apprehended but later released due to a family member who was familiar with the operation producers.

According to the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, agents attempted arrests in Harlem, and Sunset Park area of Brooklyn.

The acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection told “Fox and Friends” that the operation was intended to enforce the rule of law.

“Those individuals who remain here illegally, especially those who’ve received due process more than any other nation in the world would provide someone that came here illegally, to include those with final orders, that there are consequences to those that remain here illegally,” he stated.

Although the raid is receiving widespread backlash, many are criticizing former President Obama similar deportation operations. In response, former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security stated, “During Obama, the overwhelming majority of enforcement actions targeted criminal aliens. This operation apparently specifically targets families who for the most part present no risk”.

Photo: Getty Images

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