Why Queen Naija Will Never Stop Doing Youtube Videos

Queen Naija stopped by The Angie Martinez show today to talk about her upcoming album, new single and why she will never quit youtube!

The young singer has continued to find success over the past couple of years with her Youtube channel having over 4 Million subscribers, and two of her songs ("Medicine" & "Karma") off her self titled EP have already gone Platinum! Speaking on her upcoming album which is set to drop in the fall she spoke about how she wants to broaden the ranger of topics her songs cover, doing more than just love songs. Naija also revealed all of the people she wants to get to work with on the project citing everyone from Meek Mill to Ella Mai as people she would love to finally work with!

With Youtube being her first claim to fame, Queen Naija says that she has no plans to stop putting out content on her channel anytime soon because she feels like thats her thing that will always be there.

Check out Queen Naija's full Interview on The Angie Martinez show below...

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