Jermaine Dupri Defends Scooter Braun Buying Taylor Swift's Masters

With "The Remarkable Rise Of So So Def" set to air on WE TV Jermaine Dupri stopped by The Angie Martinez show to talk about the documentary as well as share the reason for all of Bow Wow's recent troubles and even defended Scooter Braun acquiring all of Taylor Swifts masters.

"The Remarkable Rise Of So So Def" is premiering on July 18th on WE TV, the documentary will follow Dupri's career in the music industry with never before seen archived footage and interviews from the likes of Mariah Carey, Usher, Snoop Dogg, Bow Wow, Da Brat + many more!

Being one of the masterminds behind so many legendary careers Dupri spoke about working with Da Brat while she was locked up and if he was close when Chris Kelly from Kriss Kross when he passed away saying "not (as close) like we probably should been, they became stars, I became a ceo, and it just took us away from each-other”. He then also addressed everything that has been happening in Bow Wow's life, saying that, “he has woman problems that’s what it is”.

One of the biggest stories in the music industry as of lately is Scooter Braun acquiring all of Taylor Swifts masters. Now while they're a few conflicting reports on the matter, but as someone who has known scooter and worked with him for years Dupri came to his defense saying “that’s a smart business move, the way its being said its malicious, he owns Taylor swifts masters, its being thrown out like its malicious, he just saw an opportunity and made a move”

Check out the full Interview below...

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