Honey German's "Hot Girl Summer" Essentials

Summer is here and there's mandatory essentials that must be copped in order to having a popping three months in these streets!

Check some of my must have items for a "Hot Girl Summer" as Meg would say:

Bright Swimwear: since neon and bright colors are what's popping right now, what better way to join the trend than with your swimwear. I've been able to pick up some great AND affordable suits thanks to the good ol Fashion Nova who right now are offering 40% off all swimwear.

Hair Protection: the mane has got to stay protected while we're out in the blazing NYC sun and my choice are either a beauty supply scarf or some Moroccan Oil's Protect and Prevent Spray which aside from protecting, also helps keep my hair smooth much longer whether I blow dry it or curl it. Price $30.00.

Fresh Kicks: a fresh pair of sneakers is always necessary to kick off the Summer and this year, once again Nike's Air Force 1s (white on white) is where it's at. Make sure not to be out here bending and creasing since these kicks tend crease up in a nasty fashion. Price $90.00 straight from Foot Locker (can't risk copping some bootlegs.)

Body Splash: a nice summer body splash goes a long way during these hot months and smelling like "vacation" although you're not on one, is always goals. This Summer 2019, my spritz pick is Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist which is a warm scent with enticing layers of Pistachio and Salted Caramel. Price $30.

Dope Shades: what is hot weather season without a fly pair of sunglasses? Absolutely nada! This year I've been on my funky fund shades vibes and while I won't pick one particular pair of sunglasses, I will mention brands I'm current living for: Quay, Ray Ban, Asos and Versace.

Sun Block: being that I'm from New York where the sun don't shine on my body for about nine months out of the year, I stay super woke on skin protection. This year I've been all into this Coppertone Glow with Shimmer SPF 50 which leaves me with a nice shimmer. So it not only keeps me protected, but it also adds a little sparkle to my skin. Cost $9.49.

Cool Slides: nothing says Summer is upon us like those toes being all out. The days of flip flips are long gone and slides are now king + they come in a huge price range. I personally like my Nike slides for everyday use and a good pair of Versace ones for when I'm feeling fake bougie.

Water Bottle: nothing says I'm doing my part to save the environment like carrying your own water bottle and boy are there choices. While I picked one that comes with a rose quartz in it to help bring forth "peace and tranquility" there's a million other options on Amazon. Want the Rose Quartz water bottle? Macy's has one on sale right now. Price $30.00.

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