Tyler The Creator Lands His Own Flavor Of Ice Cream

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Tyler The Creator just can't loose this year! After the massive success of his new album "Igor", the rapper has taken to social media to announced that he has a new ice cream coming out!

Taking to twitter the rapper announced the new flavor called "SnowFlake", which is a joint venture from his company GOLF Le FLEUR an Ohio Ice Cream brand called Jeni's Spendid Ice Creams.

The Ice Cream will be available to order on both brands websites this Saturday (July 6th) and then can be bought in store at both Tyler's Golf store and Jeni stores around the country!

Speaking on The Ice Cream Tyler had to say: “As much as I love white chocolate chip cookies, I can’t get over the fact that someone made the universal rule that they always have to come with those useless macadamia nuts for as long as I can remember, mint ice cream seemed to always come with every chocolate chip but white. I finally got the two away from their clingy friends and set up a play date for my mouth.”

Check out the ice cream below...

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