Secret Border Patrol Facebook Page Expose Hateful & Misogynistic Comments

A secret Facebook group of current and former border patrol agents has surfaced and showed agents making hateful comments including remarks about immigrants, misogynistic illustrations of Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez, and obscene remarks about the recent deaths of a migrant father and his 23 month old daughter. 

The 9,000+ member group, called “Im 10:15” (code for “aliens in custody”) was created in 2016. ProPublica, an investigative organization tracked several members to border agents in El Paso and Eagle Pass, Texas. 

A patrol agent responded to a post about a Guatemalan migrant while in custody stating, “Oh well, if he dies, he dies”. A separate post was a recent photo of a father and his 23 month old daughter who drowned trying to reach the United States and a different border agent wrote, “I’m not trying to be an a$$ but I HAVE NEVER SEEN FLOATERS LIKE THIS, could this be another edited photo”.  Illustrations also showed Ocasio- Cortez performing oral sex on migrants in detention center.

An investigation into the secret hate group has been launched by the National Border Patrol Council.

Photo: Getty Images

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