Pharrell Williams Grants Internships to 114 Harlem High School Graduates

After giving a commencement speech to the graduating class of The Harlem Children’s Zone Promise Academies I and II, Pharrell Williams was able to provide not only uplifting words to the rising college students, but grant them an amazing opportunity for the future.

It was during his speech that Williams announced that all of the students graduating from the class of 2019 would be guaranteed an internship in Williams' network next summer.

“The world is watching Harlem, but this Renaissance will be different. And believe it or not, with respect, it’s gonna actually be better. And the reason why is because the new Harlem Renaissance has education at its core." - Pharrell Williams

According to BuzzFeed News, The Academy's administration partnered with Williams, "To create an internship program that would give [the] students the connections necessary to succeed within their respective fields."

“It’s one thing to be ‘woke,’ another thing to be awake, leaned in and engaged." - Pharrell Williams

Watch below Pharrell announcing his plans and the students' reactions.

Photo via Getty.

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