ASAP Rocky And His Crew Beat Up Man In Sweden

A$AP Rocky shared an Instagram video earlier today showing what happened prior to the incident in Sweden. Rocky and his crew continue to tell two men to stop following them, but they fail to obey their request.

The disagreement started from an argument at a restaurant but was followed by a street fight where Rocky and his crew are seen beating on one of the men and tossing him.

The two men who were reportedly following Rocky claimed he broke a pair of headphones and that they would call the cops. A woman allegedly interrupted the conversation and accused one of the men of inappropriately touching her without her consent. This is what supposedly provoked Rocky to start hitting the man.

Rocky and his boys left the scene with the man on the side of the road. Police and ambulance later showed up and took statements from witnesses. Although law enforcement is looking into the situation, they have no further information connected to Rocky’s involvement.

Photo Creds: Getty Images

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